SYCL for CUDA Developers

Decprecated: Please note that you are viewing a guide targeting an older version of ComputeCpp Community Edition. This version of the guide is designed specifically for version 1.2.0.

SYCL, like CUDA, offers developers the ability to write "single-source" C++ code that can be deployed and executed on parallel hardware architectures.

The guide in this section has been created to help CUDA developers understand the similarities and differences between CUDA and SYCL, and how they can transition their code to SYCL. The document assumes that you already know C++ and are proficient in CUDA, but we aim to offer a high level explanation of CUDA concepts and offer links to relevant documentation whenever possible.

The guide consists of various sections that will help you:

These resources are based on the OpenCL 1.2 and SYCL 1.2.1 specifications. CUDA 9 is used as the reference CUDA version.

If you are looking for a general SYCL introduction, we also have a SYCL Guide that takes you through all the fundamentals.

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ComputeCpp enables developers to integrate parallel computing into applications using SYCL™ and accelerate code on a wide range of OpenCL™ devices such as GPUs.

ComputeSuite for R-Car enables developers to accelerate their applications on Renesas® R-Car based hardware such as the V3M and V3H, using the widely supported open standards SYCL and OpenCL.

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