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Our website uses cookies to help it function and to improve it. Cookies are small files saved to the user’s computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of the website.

We use cookies to improve our services, provide specific functionality and track how our website is used. Below is a list of the features we use, how cookies are used and also what 3rd party services may store cookies. If you continue to use this website or click "accept" on the privacy policy popup, you will be agreeing to our use of cookies and both "essential" and "performance" cookies/services listed below will be enabled. If you click "reject", we will disable all cookies but some elements of our website may not function correctly or will be disabled.

We also use some third-party widgets on the site, such as Google Analytics and Twitter. These widgets may set cookies. However, the cookie information from each of these sites is usually anonymous, unless you are logged in to those third-party systems while you are on our site.

Essential Cookies

  • 1st Party Cookie
    Codeplay Privacy Policy Acceptance

    We will set a cookie to determine if you are blocking specific access to cookies across this site.

    View Codeplay's Privacy Policy

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    3rd Party Cookie
    Google ReCaptcha V2

    We use Google ReCaptcha V2 in order to limit the amount of email spam going through our forms. Google ReCaptcha will often set cookies in order to process a captcha attempt or tracking purposes.

    View Google's Privacy Policy

  • 3rd Party Cookie
    Twitter Timeline Widget

    We use a Twitter Timeline Widget to make it easier for users to track posts we create on our Twitter pages. This widget will often set cookies for tracking purposes but can be controlled via the 3rd parties website.

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Performance Cookies

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    3rd Party Cookie
    Google Analytics

    We use Google Analytics to track how our website is used to help us improve our services. Google Analytics will often set a tracking cookie on your system.

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    3rd Party Cookie
    AddThis Widget

    We use the AddThis widget to make it easier for users to share our pages on our website. This widget will often set cookies for tracking purposes.

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