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R-Car Guide

This section offers a series of optimization guidelines and notes for R-Car IMP-X5+ CVengine developers to optimize OpenCL and SYCL applications for the R-Car IMP-X5+ CVengine architecture. The guide focus on an audience that already knows C++ and is familiar in programming with OpenCL and SYCL. It aims to offer R-Car IMP-X5+ CVengine-specific optimization for OpenCL and SYCL applications and links to relevant documentation whenever possible. In this document CVengine is used as a short version of R-Car IMP-X5+ CVengine.

The guide is based on the OpenCL 1.2 and SYCL 1.2.1 specifications. R-Car V3M and R-Car V3H are used as an abbreviation for the R-Car IMP-X5+ CVengine.

The source code referenced in this guide is also available online from our GitHub repository.


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    ComputeCpp enables developers to integrate parallel computing into applications using SYCL and accelerate code on a wide range of OpenCL devices such as GPUs.

    ComputeSuite for R-Car enables developers to accelerate their applications on a wide range of Renesas R-Car based hardware such as the H3 and V3M, using widely supported open standards such as Khronos SYCL and OpenCL.


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