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ComputeAorta and ComputeCpp for R-Car allows developers to run OpenCL and SYCL applications on the CVEngine (IMP) processor on R-Car H3, V3M and V3H hardware.

ComputeAorta and ComputeCpp Binaries

The ComputeAorta binary file is called, the ComputeCpp binary file is called They are dynamically loaded ELF shared libraries and being dynamic, this means that they are loaded by an application at runtime, rather than being statically linked into the binary. You can find out what software and hardware combinations have been tested in the OpenCL and SYCL sections.


An archive containing the ComputeCpp and ComputeAorta binaries can be downloaded. The archive contains the following folders ComputeCpp - This contains the binaries that can be used on either the H3, V3M or V3H hardware H3 - This contains the ComputeAorta binaries for H3 hardware V3M - This contains the ComputeAorta binaries for V3M hardware V3H - This contains the ComputeAorta binaries for V3H hardware

OpenCL Applications

To run an OpenCL application on your device follow the ComputeAorta for R-Car guide.

SYCL Applications

To understand how to run a SYCL application on your device follow the ComputeCpp for R-Car guide.


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    ComputeCpp enables developers to integrate parallel computing into applications using SYCL and accelerate code on a wide range of OpenCL devices such as GPUs.

    ComputeSuite for R-Car enables developers to accelerate their applications on a wide range of Renesas R-Car based hardware such as the H3 and V3M, using widely supported open standards such as Khronos SYCL and OpenCL.


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