SYCL Guide

Please note: that this is NOT the most recent version of this guide and is designed for an older version (v1.1.2).

The sections in this guide detail how to program heterogeneous hardware using SYCL and ComputeCpp. The guide can be read sequentially or you can read individual chapters which are mostly independent. It provides a comprehensive overview of SYCL usage and its various features. If instead you prefer to dive straight into code samples for a hands-on approach, you can head on to the Getting Started Guide for setup instructions or browse the sample code on our GitHub repository: ComputeCpp SDK repository.


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    ComputeCpp enables developers to integrate parallel computing into applications using SYCL and accelerate code on a wide range of OpenCL devices such as GPUs.

    ComputeSuite for R-Car enables developers to accelerate their applications on a wide range of Renesas R-Car based hardware such as the H3 and V3M, using widely supported open standards such as Khronos SYCL and OpenCL.


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